Zombie Dream


I'm prone on getting zombie nightmares. What do you know about zombie attack dreams? 


To dream about zombie attacks represents tremendous stress. You are prone to feeling overwhelmed and helpless in your waking life. You probably even have a chronic fear with control and feeling overpowered or influenced by someone else, since zombies can also signify infection or a virus, considering the popular ways zombification happens with bites or scratches.

Being chased is in itself a sign of avoidance and victimization. “Fight or Flight”, “Eat or be Eaten”… Those terms come to mind, right now, which makes perfect sense, especially if you’re always getting chased and not aiming for headshots in the dreams, yourself! The best answer you’ve found for stressful problems is to simply passively avoid them instead of taking more action. Heh, zombies usually represent numbness. Perhaps you should be seeing who’s the true Zombie around here, hm~?

From my own intuition, zombie attacks can represent a breakage of order and the heralding of destruction. They bring about an apocalypse, a change in one’s perception.


 So… Are you ready for an apocalypse? :D   

A Zombie Dream with Salute. Sometimes I liked to draw two images if I had the time.

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