That's a Big Snake!

From JustForTheSmellOfIt

Hi! I had a dream that I was walking with a few people I know in a sparse field when a green snake passed between my legs, I only noticed its tail and I turned back to warn my friends.

I became really worried because it was like I knew there were more snakes in the field (I have been plagued by snake dreams for the last two years now). I started making my way out of the field when I passed a huge fat snake that looked like it had just fed on something of significant size- it was a black snake with thin yellow stripes, but human eyes and it looked straight at me. Whilst I was scared, I wasn’t worried of it attacking me because it looked to full to move, but my friends started patting it- which is when I turned my head to run because I didn’t want to see anymore. Of all my dreams the snake ones give me so much anxiety and stay in my head for days!!!


Well, that’s a doozy of a dream right there!

Little to the left! That’s the ticket~

Snakes! They can be either good or bad, depending on how aggressive they act in the dream. They can show transformation, healing, poison, or threats. You appear to see snakes as a threat and something to be feared.

The colour green can represent growth, health, the earth, and vitality. However, I imagine that in this case, it’s about camouflaging with the green grass.

The colour black is all about mystery, potential, and the unknown! Yellow, on the other hand, represents indecisiveness, deceit, and a pretentious disposition.

Having human eyes instead of regular snake eyes might indicate familiarity. Going by the phrase ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ this big snake represents someone’s inner self - you most likely! Meeting it’s eyes means that you do want to gain a better understanding of them - or you’re just too scared to look away! The having eaten means that it’s full of something -but what? The colours may clue us in!

These snakes actually exist in real life. The green snakes sound like Garter Snakes, small, non-venomous types. The black and yellow snake sounds like the mangrove snake, a mildly venomous snake from the United States. They’re said to be nervous and aggressive, striking repeatedly, but the bites only cause minor swelling!

Going by all this, you come across as someone with anxiety. Like, a lot of it. You perceive threats everywhere, where they aren’t (the Garter) and where they could be (the Mangroves). I sense loneliness as well, since your friends don’t acknowledge you when you try to warn them, even if the ‘dangers’ may not be anything hazardous. Adding in the colours, and you are having trouble making decisions, because you can’t predict what’s going to happen after. You can get so full of anxiety that it weighs you down and makes you want to run away!

… I can empathize, honestly…

For recurring dreams, I think they signify a long-term worry. Snakes could even be a symbol of your Shadow, the Hidden Side of who you are. That black and yellow snake especially!

This is the kind of length I expect for dream interpretation. Really detailed!

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