Tea in a Tea House - Dream Interpretation

From CherryRoses

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Hello! I have these dreams every once and a while about a club where we try new teas and talk about things. In this dream, there is a specific room when you walk into the building that I remember to be the middle of the club. In the room there is a desk to the right of you where you get your key/ apply to be in the club. It had two staircases next to each other going up when you looked in front of you, both leading to hallways of rooms that you could stay in. The first time I had a dream in this tea club there was an old  lady at the desk, and she gave me a key to my room. the room was “207” I believe. When I was looking for my room, I had forgotten the number of my room and started to panic, then a girl who had brown hair and brown eyes came up to me and asked if i was okay. I told her i was new and lost, we talked for a while and then she directed me to my room. That was the first friend i made there. She kinda introduced me to a whole friend group later  on in the dream. But the second dream was basically me bonding with people at this place and just having a regular day, as if i was looking through the eyes of someone else’s life. The third (and the latest) was of the girl i made friends with in the first dream introducing me to another person who was “an old friend” of her’s. Anyway, I know it’s quite in depth, but what do you think of it?

Thank you!


Oh, what a nice dream, and so-soooo detailed!

So! A club! They’re about our social lives and friend groups. To have reoccurring dreams of that means that your social life is on your mind. Rooms generally represent an aspect of ourselves and our lifestyle. Waiting rooms or reception areas show patience. You’re not the type to rush into things, letting other people approach you. Stairs the go up show ascension to a higher level of understanding.

To dream about tea, especially drinking it, shows steadiness and contentment. You are satisfied with the course of your life. Tea houses specifically represent nostalgia. Do you find that you are thinking of old friends?

Now for the folksies!

Hey, did you know that you never make up faces in dreams? These are people that you’ve seen in the Physical-scape, walking on by.

Whoopsy, got off topic.

Women typically represent someone’s feminine side; Old women represent wisdom, insight, guidance, and feminine power. 207… in numerology, 2 can mean opposition, relationships with a singular person, and duality. The number 0 is a sorta ‘prologue’ number. It’s about planning before taking your first steps. 7 in the number of insight and fortune. Uniqueness and healing, too! Maybe these numbers are, like, important in other ways. 207, 200, 7, 0, 2… these numbers may currently be important and will show up. Like, important dates and stuff!

The colour brown can be about physical comfort, conservatism, practicality, materialism, and nostalgia, in the sense of going back to your roots. I’m feeling for the last one is likely, since she introduced you to an old friend of hers.

If you know these people, their relationship with you is meaningful, too. How important are friends to you? What about loyalty and chemistry?

Third Person perspective, or Observer Perspective, is passive and objective, viewing things from afar and watching what unfolds. You’re learning how things are done here and taking steps to achieve what you want.

Are you in a social transition of your life? Have you met any new friends or joined a new group? Are you thinking about older ones? It sounds like a positive steppy-step you’re desirin’!

I’d say that you, or your Ideal Self, is a calm, patient, and intuitive person. Someone who likes knowing what to do in any situation and sees things for what they are. I’d say that this is a period where you’re trying to better yourself and doing that by looking at your social life and your place in your circle.

Aaah, you’re welcome! I love putting my abilities to good use. Sweet dreams!

I'd have to say that this was hands down my favourite dream to interpret.

Something I think I'll miss from Tumblr is that I can't look at the Client's blog for extra inspiration. I went onto CherryRoses's blog and picked out the colour palette and design by scrolling through her blog. I found it was really useful in order to make the artwork and interpret her dream in a way that really spoke to her.

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