Sticky Fingers

From Darkside

Okay, so i work at a chocolate shop and this week i've caught several kids touching the unwrapped items in the cases, which i have to throw out. Last night i had a nightmare where it was just me working and both kids and adults were touching food, getting behind the counter and eating. Some were offended when i told them to stop. On the plus side, i got to argue back with them and talk sense into a couple.


 Well, this is pretty straightforward! You’re frustrated with those kids, but haven’t been able to tell them that it’s not allowed. This dream is expressing you pent-up anger in dealing with this, most likely alone. The adults are joining in either because you know you can talk to them or because you see them as much at fault for letting their kids touch the items.
This is one of those memory-scenario dreams, where your subconscious is re-enacting the memories and playing through scenarios, preparing yourself on what to do the next time it happens.
I don’t really see ‘nightmares’, unless it has something to do with actual Mare attacks. There’s bad dreams, scary dreams, happy dreams, scenarios, memories, etc!

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