Stepping on Glass


I had a dream where I stepped on broken glass. A fair sized piece got in my heel, but I didn't remove it, because I thought in the dream that, if I removed it, I would bleed everywhere. Keeping it in would keep the blood in.


 Ah, blood. The life-juice of all species.

Blood has quite a few representations. It can mean life, general love, passion, what is permanent, and bonds. To bleed signifies wasted energy.

Glass means either passivity or the need for self-protection. People will dream of glass when they feel they need to protect themselves from the stresses of waking life. Broken glass means disappoints and negative changes. A part of your life has shattered. Personally, I think glass can be categorized as a Persona symbol, with blood as a Self symbol. This means that the changes involve your social role and valued traits.

When walking on broken glass - which I hope you’re not doing in real life! - you show heartache and don’t quite know how to pick up the pieces and move on from it all. This heartache is reminiscent to an old wound, as injuries in dreams call on the attention of healing old pain. Heels and other joints represent a person’s movement, progress, and freedom, but specifically, the heel is a body part that can be described as both strong, yet vulnerable. A strength has been turned into a weakness. There’s a need to slow down.

Kids, don’t try this at home. I am a professional Dream Elf!

In summary, a part of yourself that you valued has been exposed as a weakness and it’s bringing back memories of a time when the same occurrence happened. You’d rather keep going as you are than waste energy. You chose to keep the piece in, which may stop some of the bleeding, but it will also hinder the body’s function to heal itself and life’s progress. You might need to bleed a little and slow down so you can get moving again!

So go on out there and have a bloody good time!

I tried drawing from a bird's eye perspective. I'm not sure it worked, but I had fun.

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