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 From William: So, I’ve experienced something I don’t really know what to describe it as. I guess I would consider it a memory that I never did, but it came out if nowhere. I was in class when this “memory” popped into my brain. It was very brief, but here is my experience that I can still recall to this day. I was in my kitchen in my house. The lights were off, but still had light from outside coming in. I had this pointed object in my hand. It was most likely an improvised weapon (my guess is a pencil). I stabbed the pencil into this...thing. It was completely dark, with some sort of texture I can’t describe. All I know is that is was some sort of humanoid, with a neck as well. I stabbed it in its neck. It went in about 1/4 of the way threw and ended with this “thud” that up until that point I’ve never heard. All of that happens in maybe 2 seconds. It’s just super bizarre to me, that I could be think about my math work and suddenly that comes to me. Any thoughts on what all that comes mean?

Kitchen: Depending on the dream, it can represent a need for warmth, spiritual or emotional nourishment, transformation, or a need to abort any plans you have. It was in your house, so it could also indicate familiarity and security.

Weapons: Need to defend, self protection, violent urges, and conflict. In some cases, sexual connotations. 

Pencil: Impactful action and short lived relationships.

Dark Humanoid: Possibly your Darkside or Shadow Self (Jungian). A person or problem you don't quite know or understand.

Neck: The relationship between the body and mind, willpower, self, restriction, and self-control. To harm it indicates a disconnection from what you feel and what you think. It can also indicate something is causing you pain or someone is being a pain in the neck, hahahaha!

The 'thud' sound: Something dense and solid. Maybe an indicator to a tough or physical problem.

This dream 'memory' could indicate that you are prone to conflict with your emotional desires and rational thought. You prefer the comfort of the familiar over the unknown and like to compartmentalize your thoughts and feelings. When you stabbed your Shadow, you showed a desire to disconnect from parts of yourself. You might also be a person who distracts themself from mental-emotional conflicts through physical distractions.  Be careful when doing this. It's good to narrow our focus on things sometimes, but your Darkside can either be your greatest alley or your worst enemy, depending on how you treat them. 

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