Snake Bite Dream


 I had a dream of snake biting me in several places. The most clear picture is one biting my inner thigh when I was trying to crawl away from it.


Snakes have many meanings, depending on the culture and one’s own feelings towards these reptiles, but commonly, they represent an omen, medicine/toxins, and transformation. A snake that harms you is a destructive type, signifying a warning or a wake up call to poisonous things in your waking life. It’s time for a transformation and getting rid of bad parts of you.

Thighs signify strength, action, and endurance. After all, if your thighs are injured, you can’t move very well. The fact that its your inner thigh getting bitten details a wake up call to either a poisonous part of your personality or a personal situation, something that few to no people may know about you. Perhaps it’s causing you to feel a little paralyzed~.

If the snakes bit you in other places, it shows a lot of conflict, but also opportunities for change. By trying to crawl away from it, you show awareness, but avoidance. If you are aware of the ‘poison’, it’s time to face it~.

This was a dream I interpreted off of Tumblr. On my old blog, I had a mascot called Dream Faery Salute and I would interpret the dream in Sal's character.

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