Shark Attack Dream


I had one a few days ago where I had to play a game. One player was the shark and another was the swimmer. The swimmer had to avoid the shark and take a picture of a bucket of fish I think. I think we also either had to escape the arena pool or take down the shark. I remember it stating that it was really difficult/impossible to do. I was always the swimmer and I remember at one point, taking a picture of the bucket just before the shark (played by someone who I knew in the dream) caught me. 


 Selfie time~! 

First, games can signify competition, manipulation, and the ol’ reality vs. fantasy perception on life. For reasons explained later, I’ll center on the manipulation aspect.

You didn’t state what type of game it was, but generally, this can mean that you are trying to escape from the stresses of real life. Why with sharks, I got no clue with you, Gamer anon!

Anywho, you aren’t taking the responsibilities of life seriously. Being chased, which also represents avoidance of a situation, strengthens this. For most Digital Game dreams, there’s a noticeable fear of manipulation, and worry that someone is manipulating you. Like, feelings of being used and challenged!

Whatever is chasing you can represent a personification of anger and anxiety. Sharks, while they differ between perceptions, are considered a top predator in the seas! They may represent a greedy, thoughtless person in your waking life, or your own emotional problems (anger, selfishness). The fish in the barrel - which can be tied to a saying that means an easy task, btw - represents both insight and ability for emotional control.

Ha, seriously, do you like being challenged, or don’t you? >;D

By trying to take a picture of the fish - which would be you winning the game - means a focus on this insight of emotional control and desire to hold onto it. I think you are someone who’s capable of great insight and self-awareness not many people possess, but feels very conflicted on using it in your waking life, around other people. Negative emotions are clouding your awareness and it’s time to face up to it, which, by taking that picture before you woke up, shows that you have the power to to win over them!

Anonymous Ask from the old Tumblr Blog, in character as Salute.

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