Rebirth in Ruins

From Darkside

I recently had a dream about a pregnant woman in an ruined city apocalypse. Kept switching between first and third POV.


Let's start with the setting, which represents your worldview. Dreaming of an apocalypse symbolizes a dramatic change in yourself and outlook on the world. Cities are about connections with other people and relationships. They show someone who is either isolated or introverted. A city in ruins show neglect or death of social relationships.

Pregnancy symbolizes development, patience, and planning. If you know the person, it could symbolize a desire to get to know them better or be closer to them. If you don't know the woman, she could represent your feminine side and the aspects you might associate with females. Alternatively, she might not mean anything, as only women get pregnant traditionally. The pregnancy part is more important. The plan could be good or bad depending on how you see and describe pregnant people.

Finally, changing perspective is a call to attention at the balance between looking at things from your own view and taking other people's point of view into account. You might have problems choosing to take other people's advice and following what you think.

In summary, you're going through dramatic changes. You have ideas on what to do, but struggling to choose wether to listen to other people or follow what you wnat to do.

Even though I included Salute, I'm doing this out of character and in my own style. When doing art for other people, I might include Salute in it, but it will be in my voice only, no role playing.

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