Rattlesnake Throwing

From Dhillarearen

I had the weirdest dream about a rattlesnake last night. It would turn into just its rattle part then roll across the floor, but if it got close enough it would become the full snake and try to bite me. The dream kept repeating itself until I finally grabbed the snake by its tail and swung it around my head and threw it away.


Nice throw!

So! Snakes can signify transformation, toxicity, healing, initiation, or warning. Rattlesnakes in real life shake their tails to warn and threaten whoever gets too close. They represent the current threats and stresses you have to deal with when awake! You see them trying to bite you, coming across as trouble with a capital T!

The fact that they change can mean either surprises or the Shape-shifter archetype figure, who represents everyone’s ability to adapt. The problems that you face in real life deal with changing and challenging your perspectives. You’re probably someone who’s comfortable with their own little space and don’t like to venture out of it too much.

At first, you would run away, showing passivity and cowardice towards the problems. Eventually, however, you show more confidence and courage, facing the situations head on and changing how you view the it! You want to become more adaptive towards life and able to turn a would-be nightmare into a right good dream!


One more round! My turn! 

My first non-anon ask! It was really fun to draw and the dream sounded really cool!

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