Pulling Teeth


I had a dream where a couple of my teeth fell out. One I've had problems with for like all my life. The other I just wiggled out.


 Very unusual, but I have a couple of ideas! 

The main key words for losing teeth are Aging, Identity, Losing Face, and Broodiness/Anxiety.

According to Jung’s dream theories, it means that someone is worried about their appearance and age, that they are losing their youth (mirror, mirror, on the wall, anyone~?). But most of the time it ties into our anxieties towards our identity in general. Rotting teeth especially indicate bottled-up stress that’s wearing one down (perhaps to the point where we can’t hide it anymore). Perhaps conflict with social conformity as well. Have you perhaps experienced a recent moment where you ‘lost face’ that’s been on your mind? Perhaps?

Teeth getting taken out can also signify transition and the pushing of boundaries with life. Depending on how painful it felt in the dream indicates the intense emotions that are brought on from this change. Since you are taking at least one out could show a form of control, in that you are making these changes and trying to get rid of those troubling emotions.

Teeth getting pulled or falling out of someone's mouth are fairly common in the west.

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