Old Attachments


A person I no longer have communication with keeps popping up in my dreams. Everyone around me seems to see this person lately. While that person only pops while I'm sleeping.


Ah, reoccurring dreams. Those can be annoying when they’re scary dreams - but oh so fascinating!

There are plenty of theories on reoccurring dreams, but based on my own experience, they are like scenarios that your subconscious is going through, to prepare you for a possible situation - and you really gotta pay attention!

Dreaming about people is common, but very complicated. Who the person is or a certain trait about them can change the whole meaning of the dream!

Generally, thinking about people and relationships from the past are a part of your Shadow, the hidden parts of who you are. What does this person mean to you? When you think about them, how would you describe them? Do you see those aspects within yourself? And does it have anything to do with why you two broke off?

I wonder if the reason why you started dreaming of them is because other people are seeing them lately, or maybe because they’re indirectly in your life again and that’s bothering you…

Or maybe you’ve dreamt of them before they came back and you’ve been dreaming of the future!

It can totes happen.

What do you two do in your dream? What do they do and how do you respond to it? Those actions and reactions reflect what is happening in the physical-scape. By my guess, I think avoidance is at play here. Do you think that they’re avoiding you?

It sounds like you either want to see this person again, are thinking about the traits they show, or a desire to confront them about the past. Try to remember and think about how the scenarios play out and if those are the results of what your heart desires.

This looks to be the first time I included Sal's physical form in an interpretation.

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