Previous Interpretations

These are dreams that I interpreted in the past from my old Tumblr blog. I like to make them public to show what I can do for people. Please check them out! Be warned - some of them contain Mature subject matter and may not be eligible for some viewers.

Stabbing Shadows

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I stabbed the pencil into this...thing. It was completely dark, with some sort of texture I can’t describe. 


Rebirth in Ruins


I recently had a dream about a pregnant woman in a ruined city apocalypse. -Darkside

Argument with Grandma


Me, my grandma and my brother went to this house for some reason.


WARNING: Disturbing imagery

Cut and Renew


Last night I dreamt that my mom was about to cut my skin. -Anonymous

WARNING: Bodily harm

Haunted Escape Room


So last night i had a dream about ending up in a sort of haunted house/escape room, but the thing was, it was real. -Anonymous

Tea in a Tea house


I have these dreams every once and a while about a club where we try new teas and talk about things.


Old Attachments


A person I no longer have communication with keeps popping up in my dreams. -Anonymous

Sticky Fingers


Okay, so i work at a chocolate shop and this week i've caught several kids touching the unwrapped items in the cases, which i have to throw out.


Clones and Sex


So, I don't mean to be akward or anything but liek I had a sex dream that really confused me. -Anonymous

WARNING: Sexual material

That's a Big Snake!


I had a dream that I was walking with a few people I know in a sparse field when a green snake passed between my legs. -JustForTheSmellOfIt

Injured Puppy


I dreamt of a little brown puppy that was injured and sick. -Anonymous

WARNING: Animal harm

Rattlesnake Throwing


I had the weirdest dream about a rattlesnake last night. -Dhillarearen

Stepping on Glass


I had a dream where I stepped on broken glass. -Anonymous

WARNING: Blood, bodily harm

Closer Relationship


I'm having recurring dreams about a person I barely know. -Anonymous

Filling Persona


In this dream I was pulling old fillings out. -Anonymous

Pulling Teeth


 I had a dream where a couple of my teeth fell out. -Anonymous

WARNING: Bodily Harm

Zombie Dream


 I'm prone on getting zombie nightmares.  -Anonymous

WARNING: Blood and gore!

Shark Attack


 I had one a few days ago where I had to play a game. -Anonymous

Snake Bite


  I had a dream of snake biting me in several places. - Anonymous