Injured Puppy


I dreamt of a little brown puppy that was injured and sick. But he was very happy. He kept following me around to get petted and attention.


Little do folks know, I’m both a cat and dog person! C’mere you!

You mentioned a brown puppy, huh? Well, dogs can represent loyalty and friendship. Puppies can mean innocence, playfulness, and your basic self. Injured animals represent parts of yourself that are underdeveloped or emotionally damaged. The colour brown stands for the earth and groundedness.

Yesh, it does, yesh it does~

So, putting that all together, your dream shows that your basic sense of stability and loyalty has taken a hit.

But! How Puppy behaves here is important, too. Puppy is still playful and looking for attention, with you giving it that attention. This tells me - sorry, us~ - that you’re trying not to become jaded from the experience, while taking care of it and trying to learn to better protect yourself in the future.

Now, who’s up for some fetch, hmm~?

It's weird drawing Sal's Dream Self with feet. Later on, I draw nem footless. It looks way better like that.

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