Haunted Escape Room


So last night i had a dream about ending up in a sort of haunted house/escape room, but the thing was, it was real. There were actual demons (they went from weird beasts to clowns and such) for each floor and I had to find keys to go to the next floor until I found the last key that would let me escape. the monsters were ready to kill me anytime so I had to look for the keys while escaping from them.

The puzzles were actually difficult and fascinating, and even though I know I’m smart, I know that smart to manage to think of that kind of puzzles and hints. I would never be able to do the same thing consciously, so I’m kind of weirded out about my subconscious?


Well, you ain’t alone, Anon-nanon! My Conscious Self doesn’t like me too much, thinks I’m too childish. I respond to that with the mature gesture of sticking out my tongue!

But this is more relevant!

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m not with them. Real demons never look like this. They tend to look more demure and trustworthy…

So! Houses! They are Self symbols. Unlike icons, like my blue Cracked Heart, houses give a larger, detailed, and extrospective picture of what’s going on in there.

Haunted house that you’re trapped in and need to escape from? You got some unfinished emotional business that’s trying to make itself known, make itself conscious. Are there any memories or feelings or repressing? Do you find that you lie to yourself or doubt yourself is situations?

Are those paintings staring at us?

Hmmm, typically regarding locks and houses, usually people are locked out. That would mean alienation and unacceptance, so this could be the opposite! You’re trapped in this house of doubt and repression. Could this be due to relationships you think you’re obligated to stay in?

Now for the creatures! By demons, you might be talking about the Demon Archetype. According to Carl Jung, the Devil and demons embody temptation. To Freud, it’s a… a Projection. You don’t want to see this as a part of yourself, so you project the demon as a separate figure or on someone else. A more modern answer is that demons are taboo aspects and addiction. They are a part of your Shadow Self, or your Dark Side.

I don’t mean dark and in ‘evil’, more like ‘hidden’ or ‘repressed’. Although… demons are typically bad all around, so this pointing to an ignored flaw on your part! Do you hate criticism? Maybe get a little… defensive?

You know what else is part of your Dark Side? Clowns! They generally symbolize absurdity and childhood. What it does in the dream shows your uninhibited nature and impulsiveness. Would you say that you look down on anything considered childish, or hate being called childish?

On the flip side, clowns can be a Persona type. Is there someone in your life you think is covering themselves and putting on and act? If you have a phobia or hatred of clowns, this is likely. It works for situations, too - do you think you’re childhood was twisted or not as innocent as it seemed?

Beasts are Id types, representing ignorance and foolishness. If they’re faceless, you’re refusing to confront them. Were you, perhaps, hiding from these guys more often then not~?

Puzzles are about strategy and the mind. You’re the kind the likes to look at things from a mental perspective and solve problems using logic. What kind of puzzles do you remember? The types give better insight to your problems. Chess can be for opposition, jigsaws can be deductive, and so on!

Keys symbolize control, opportunities, access, secrets, freedom, and responsibilities. Since your using them to open doors after winning them, I’d say you try to learn lessons from life and like putting what you learn to use.For you, knowledge is literally the key!

Do you mean that you don’t think you’re smart enough to make and solve the puzzles you encountered? Au contraire! You’re subconscious is apart of you, just with more information at it’s finger tips. If you trust it and research some techniques online, you could learn to access it, even while awake! Of course, you need to trust it and not beat yourself up if you get something wrong.


I remember having fun designing and drawing the maze for the the art.

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