Pulling Fillings


In this dream I was pulling old fillings out. I was horrified at first because they were so gross, but felt relief when I got them all out.


Ooh~ Another Teeth Dream!

I’m definitely seeing your Persona at play here, Filling Anon!

If you don’t know, Jung - among MANY others - believe that beings have basically three ‘faces’. They are called the Persona, the Self, and the Shadow. The Self is all of who we are, the Shadow is the parts of us that we hide, and the Persona is the parts of us - a mask, so to say - that we show the world.

Teeth are a Persona symbol, in that their representation in dreams is linked towards our appearances, identities, and anxieties drawn from them. Fillings… Those are unusual to see. Are you someone who has a lot of fillings?

As far as I know, since I don’t have cavities, fillings are put in place to protect damaged teeth. Deducing that, I say that in your dream, these fillings represent bad habits or traits that you’ve had, traits that you acquired as a form of protecting yourself and coping with life. We all have ways to try and get a thick skin, BUT! You are unconsciously recognizing that some of these traits are really doing you no good! By taking the fillings out, you are getting rid of these nefarious guards to embrace a better you!

I wanted to experiment with Sal's personality, with nem being a Class Clown type of kid. Back then, I had no shame and neither did Salute, hahaha.

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