Cut and Renew


Hey! Last night I dreamt that my mom was about to cut my skin (part where I have some little scars), I was scared so I started praying and was about to sob, once it was done I had new and nice skin. After it, my mom wanted to cut my hair so she did and they were short and straight. I felt satisfied. Can you interpret it? Thank you whatever your answer is :)


Salut, and that sounds wonderful!

No, really, it’s a happy dream!

Let’s talk about your Mama-mia first. Mother’s can represent mature femininity and nurturing qualities. She can also represent the relationship with your mother. Are you two close?

Oh, uh, don’t mind me! Just a little tear and sniffle…

Your whole body represents the Self, tied to your identity. Certain parts, however, represent certain things.

Skin is a part of your self-image. It’s a physical boundary between your inner self and outer self.To have it removed can mean vulnerability, and having it replaced pretty and new can mean a change in identity or that growing a thicker skin and becoming stronger towards hostile words and things. Hair has a similar meaning, too. Feeling satisfied means that you’re adopting a positive self image.

The scars are important. You don’t gotta tell me but think about how you got those scars and how you feel about them. They have meaning, too. Since the skin is getting replaced,

Do you find that your mother does similar things to you in the Physical-scape? She seems like someone who you don’t understand, but know that she’s does what she does for love.

An alternative interpretation is that you depend on your Mama for confidence and self-worth, although I’m leaning more towards the first one!

I was getting more into playing around with the extra stamps and stock images that IbisPaint had with it.

That might just be what Salute's mother looks like.

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