Closer Relationship


I'm having recurring dreams about a person I barely know. The situations are always different, but he's always a close friend in the dreams. What does that mean?


Several psychologists had their theories on recurring dreams: Freud believed they linked to compulsions, Gestaltist said they hinted at psychic imbalance, and Jung thought that they signified an important merging of the psyche!

My experiences however, show that people who show up in our dreams means that they are on our minds a lot, consciously or subconsciously. For you, I’m thinking subconsciously!

What do you think of this person in real life? What is he known for? Do you see that trait in yourself, or perhaps a desire for it? The reason I ask that is because dreams are symbols. Everything that appears in them represents a part of who you are! How you see this guy reflects right back onto you.

For example: a Dreamer has a dream about her shy friend who gets swarmed by insects. One meaning is that the dreamer is bugged by their own anxieties. She sees shyness as annoying and probably had a recent moment in real life where she got anxious.

I’m going go out on a limb here and guessing that he could represent loyalty, trust, and friendliness. In waking life, there were moments where you wished these qualities were present in your interactions with friends. Still do, most likely.  

Another idea I have is the fact that, because he’s a friend who spends a lot of time with you in dreams, it might mean that you want to get to know him more in your waking life. You desire a closer relationship with people.


 Of course, I can not know that from experience… 

Around this time I was trying to also role play with Salute and started thinking up a background and character arc for nem.

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