Sex and Clones


So, I don't mean to be akward or anything but liek I had a sex dream that really confused me.

Well, at first it was having sex with a celeb, but then I started having sex with clones. Not of me but of someone I know. Clones everywhere. the sex was good tho.


Oh, no need to be shy! I may look young and don’t have a huge interest in sex, but I’ve seen plenty since actively exploring dreams two centuries ago! It’s where I’ve learned most of my Sex Ed! I recommend it over ‘Abstinence only’!

Fucking! Considered one of the four basic Fs of living creatures, the other three being Fight, Flight, and Feeding.
To dream of participating in sex means several things: the first is a need to explore your own needs and desires, specifically dealing with love and attraction. The second is a desire to merge conflicting aspects of either yourself or another person. The third is a desire for a more physical relationship - which isn’t about sex, specifically, maybe just closeness!

Marde, sex is a real kaleidoscope of meanings. My best suggestion is for you to see what options fit your desires the best.

The people you see in your dream personify certain traits.

Celebrities specifically deal with the spotlight and aspirations you have for your life. Getting intimate with one shows that you want to make your dreams come true, ‘dreams’ as is ‘desires’, that is! You never stated who the celebrity was. You don’t have to tell me! Just, like, if you can remember who they were, think about your opinion on them. Do you admire them, hate them, and why?

Friends in general represent loyalty and trust, but can change depending on your relationship with them and what you like about them! Clones mean either lack of originality and copy-catting. I personally see them as pieces to the original person and part of the Shadow Archetype.

You probably really like a friend and want to get close to them, maybe even spend the rest of your life with them! You genuinely admire them and want to be more like them. However, you might be idealizing them and only seeing the parts of them that you want to see - not all of who they are. Appropriately, there’s a term for this called ‘loving a shadow.’

I don't shy away from sexual matter, especially when I already interpreted dreams with gore and body harm.

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