Argument with Grandma

From Bardibabie

Hello :) Salute! Nice to meet you! I’m just waking up from a dream and it was a wild one. Me, my grandma and my brother went to this house for some reason, it actually kind of looked like my grandma’s house on the inside, but a young couple lived there. A young man with tattoos and a young lady lived there. I believe it was peaceful at first.

Then my grandma began provoking the young lady by saying things about her mother. The young lady was crying and furious and tried to fight my grandma. I told my grandma in front of them that what she did was wrong and that she shouldn’t have said that to her about her mom. I stopped myself before I could tell my grandma that the young lady feels how I felt when I was in a incident where I was completely furious with someone and the person I was furious with actually reminds me of my grandma at times. I was trying to hold the young lady back from getting to my grandma and to calm her down but the angrier the lady got the more this spirit in their tub woke up. The spirit was just sitting up and leaning back in the tub, looking in front of him but then he swiftly turned his head and just stared at us. I’m not sure if it was a demon because my brother walked past the bathroom the spirit was in without any kind of fear and we didn’t even get instantly scared when we seen the spirit, it took a little while before we even reacted to it.

The tattooed man was actually standing by the tub talking to the spirit, I think he was even rubbing the spirit’s head. The spirit looked like an older man, maybe in his mid 30s.

But think I scared everyone more than the spirit did because I was yelling at them saying that we need to leave because I knew that that spirit could be dangerous if my grandma stayed there and kept provoking the young lady. We finally ran out the house and the young lady actually waved goodbye to me, she was genuinely smiling and even blew me a kiss. I think the tattoed man smiled and waved goodbye to me too.

When we were close the car, my grandma thought she left the keys inside the house and I just felt a feeling of dread because I thought we would have to go back in there but she finally found it. When we finally were speeding away I was yelling and crying at my grandma just repeating “no one ever listens to me”. She kept cutting me off and yelling at me saying that “I shouldn’t have been trying to be nice to them” when in reality she was the one at fault because she could have just left instead of provoking the young lady to that point. I don’t think the woman even noticed the spirit at first. I believe she might have noticed right before we ran out the house.

I hope I made sense, I’m literally just waking up lol

I just wanted to add that I believe I smiled and waved goodbye back to them … all while running away lol


What a doozy of a dream that was!

Oh, all dreams make sense! You just gotta make that sense!

Although, I don’t think fighting is ever a nice thing.

For starters, there’s a lot of people in here, so I think it’s a dream about relationships. Your Grandma is the most important, so let’s talk about her.

The inside of the house is like hers. Houses symbolize our world. Our mindscapes usually contain some sort of a building or house. To have it look like hers means that there’s a part of you that’s like her or that she makes up a fair portion of your life. My guesses are entitlement, poor self-awareness, and hypocrisy.

Do those sound close? And has she done those kinds of things when awake?

It seems like you dream is about her, although, this could also be your memory of this other person who made you angry. The dream could really be about these incidents where people yell and make you stressed, with your Grandma being the main representation in your dream. What are these aspects that you recall that person and your Grandmother share? Can you name them and so you see them in yourself?

Females express your feminine side, while males express your masculine side. Or what you think about in regards to gender. In Jung’s archetypes, the Anima is Fem and the Animus is Masc. He thought we had one or the other, but I think we all have both inside of us.

The tattoos are interesting! They represent individuality. They can also mean taboos and rebellion, but I don’t think those are very important, considering the way the man behaves. What do you think of tattoos?

Your brother is a it of an enigma. He can represent your family, your relationship to him, or a certain aspect. He seems to take on the role of a witness or bystander, no? How you feel about him reveals his importance in the dream.

Now for the spirit in the bathtub (rub-a-dub-dub!). Spirits specifically show our fear of death, demise, or change. The spirit is an adult man. Generally, he represents assertiveness, authority, and competition. Of course, you may you own individual viewpoints for guys. Those are totes important, too! I like to think that it’s your literal spirit, or passion! What the spirit wants or shows is important.

Seeing or being in a bathtub shows a desire for self-renewal or change. A time to wash aaaaaaaall the heavy burdy-burdens from your life.

Who noticed the spirit seems like a big deal. Those who see it know about your stress. Those who don’t, don’t.

Kisses represent romance, gratitude, intimacy, and affection. Someone blowing a kiss is a sign of friendship, kindness, and a desire to know someone better. Waving goodbye is similar, but less romancy.

In summary, your dream is about your relationship with people like your grandma and how people like her can make you angry and stressed. It may also mean that you may don’t know how to manage or confront these feelings. You hate this anger and fear that it will turn into something monstrous and hurt others, or worse, you’ll end up becoming just like that. You’re not alone. It’s hard to take care of the poison people throw at us and also to not go throwing it at other people.

On the plus side, it ended nicely, which I think is a good sign. You got out of the situation and got thanked. Maybe not the best ending, but it’s way better than just sitting down and letting it all happen.

Please take care, and good luck.

I think this was the most detailed dream I got from someone on the old blog! There was so much going on and it was real chaotic. I think it took me a couple of days to research and interpret all of it, not including drawing the art.

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