Hello there!

Some names: I go by Mx. Shade. My title is Mage of Cracked Hearts.




I remember having lucid and visual dreams as a kid. There was no one around me who did, so it wasn't until the internet took off that I was able to find information about my experiences. As a teenager I started recording my dreams and interpreting them, along with dreams of my family and friends.

Fortune Telling

I started reading up on fortune telling and practiced with a tarot deck around ten years old. I experimented with other practices, such as casting runes and I-Ching. A deck of Oracle Cards fell into my hands and I conducted readings at the local Farmer's Market. I still use it for fun with friends and family.

Tumblr Blog

A few years ago I got back into dream interpretation. For a couple of years, I ran a Dream Interpretation blog on Tumblr with a faery mascot named Salute. I analyzed people's dreams for free and drew art for them. I found that I loved it and wanted to go further and make this hobby into a career.