Stabbing Shadows Nightmare

A speedpaint inspired by a dream where someone stabbed their Shadow.



Dream Interpretations

I study, explore, and illustrate the Personal Realities of dreams. We are complex creatures. By learning what our subconscious is telling us, we can discover more about ourselves. Check out my previous dream interpretations to see what I can reveal!


My Interpretation Style

 I take a deductive approach to analyzing dreams. Dreams show us what we really feel and what we really want in life, all we have to do is take a closer look. I will be as honest as possible with my clients and won't shy away from darker or mature aspects.


About Me

Throughout my childhood, I experimented with fortune-telling. I had a Dream Interpretation blog for fun a few years ago. I analyzed people's dreams and drew art for them. I loved it and wanted to make this hobby into a career.



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